The Bridge Bistro

301 Highway #3, Fernie

Great Dishes

From Our Menu

  • $19


    Beef brisket, bacon, brisket aioli, sautéed vegetables and mozzarella cheese

  • $7.75

    Small Caesar saladKids menu

    with chicken

  • $13

    Breakfast Veggie wrap

    Two scrambled eggs with peppers, onions, spinach and cheese, wrapped in a tortilla. Served with a side of salsa.

  • $12.75

    Rotisserie Chicken BreastKids menu, item available from 4 pm

    with French fries.

  • $2

    2 slices of White or Brown Texas Toast

  • $6.50

    Cheese pizzaKids menu

    with a small side of French fries, veggie sticks or soup.

Call Us: (250) 423-3002

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