The Bridge Bistro

301 Highway #3, Fernie

Great Dishes

From Our Menu

  • $2

    Extra Cheese

  • $24

    Blackened TunaBlack Board Menu starting August 30 2018

    A 6 oz Ahi tuna steak, served with spiced vegetable and chickpea ragout and lemon honey glazed Yam wedges



  • $21

    Chicken Pizza

    Tomato sauce, spinach, banana peppers, pineapple and chicken

  • $16.75

    Veggie Burger

    A vegetarian delight, soy and gluten free patty, served in a Brioche bun with lettuce, tomato,pickled red onion and guacamole , topped with a dill pickle

  • $12

    Duck Wings

    Six Moroccan flavored wings, Confit cooked and deep fried to order, served with apricot aioli

  • $2

    2 slices of Bacon

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